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Fraste Multidrill XL W

XL W 2.jpg

MULTIDRILL XL W drilling rig - Multitasking, Effective performance, Crawler mounted, Quick in handling and Safe: The best of Quality concentrated in its medium size. Perfect for of water wells, geotechnical surveys (both with conventional and wire line techniques), core drilling. The MULTIDRILL XL W is specially designed for the use of the FRASTE ZZ 324 casing table and the pneumatic down the hole sampling hammer (DÜSTERLOH-HAMMER) driven by an on board air compressor with two hydraulic reels for the air delivery and return of the pneumatic lines. Installed power - diesel engine 173 HP - STAGE V. Drilling mast with hydraulic cylinder feeding system - pull-up 12 tons. Sturdy construction, with components of excellent quality and in accordance with current safety and environmental protection regulations. The versatility of the MULTIDRILL XL W is also given by the wide availability of optional equipment and accessories with which it can be equipped to obtain highly customized versions based on customer needs.

  • Main Winch
  • Wire-line Winch
  • Screw pump
  • Air compressor
  • Air hose reel
  • Remote radio control
  • Other optional items are available on demand for a highly customized version of the rig.

Rotary head stroke
Max rotary head torque
Max rotary head speed

129 Kw (173 Hp) STAGE V TIER 4 F
4500 mm (14,4 ft)
12000 daN (26977 lbf)
6800 daN (15287 lbf)
1600 daNm (11800 ft lbf)
1200 rpm
Ø 60-350 mm (2,4"-13,8")
~17950 Kg (~ 39572 lb)

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