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Beeker Sediment Core Sampler

Beeker Sediment Core Sampler

The Beeker type sediment sampler is rod-operated and has a closable cutting head and piston. This sampler is used for high accuracy sampling of very soft to medium hard sediment layers. A standard and extended set are available.

  • Takes samples fast and certain 
  • Sample can be emptied into clean stainless-steel bucket, or layer by layer in wide necked sample jar
  • Soil profile description and classification 
  • Contaminant free stainless steel body 
  • Possible to hammer the sampler 



With the Beeker sampler, you can take undisturbed sediment samples in a fast and certain way from watery sediment to unconsolidated sand to a depth of 5 metres. Even in watery conditions, the sample will not be lost thanks to the closable cutting head. Using additional extension rods, sampling to greater depths is possible in certain cases. The Beeker sediment core sampler works almost the same way as a Multisampler / piston sampler, but with a lockable head with inflated membrane.


The samples are taken in a transparent tube which allows you to make a clear profile description. The sampler has long sampling tubes of 1 metre. The piston can be operated directly with a rod, so that the sample can be pushed out of the sampler on site into a sample bucket. The apparatus is pushed or hammered into the sludge. To avoid compaction of the layers, a piston is held at a stationary position relative to the sludge. The sample can then be emptied into a clean stainless-steel bucket, or layer by layer in wide necked sample jar. It is not necessary to assemble and disassemble the apparatus with every new sample. This set comes in an aluminium transport case. 

Extended set

In addition to the standard set (04.23.SA), an extended set (04.23.SB) is also available for sampling and discharging core samples with a length of 1 metre or 1.5 metres, in bucket or jars and to transport and divide in subsamples with water pressure. This set is suitable for sampling of submerged soils to a depth of 5 metres from very aqueous sediments to unconsolidated sand.

If you have any questions, please contact one of our experts.


  • Soil profile description and classification 
  • Environmental soil research 
  • Undisturbed sampling 
  • Geohydrological research 
  • Sediment sampling 

Set contains

  • Transparent tube of 1 metre
  • Piston + piston rod
  • Battery powered pressure
  • Vacuum pumps with extension hose
  • Hammer
  • Handles
  • Extension rods
  • Non-stretch cord
  • Sample bucket
  • Brush and accessories
  • Aluminium transport case
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