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Casing Tube Platform

Casing Tube Platform

SKU: 011209

The casing tube platform can be used on the casing tube clamp or at ground level to stabilise the casing tube.

  • Diameter of 90 mm
  • Prevents loose soil material from entering
  • Ideal for stabilising the pipe



When augering under more difficult circumstances, it is sometimes difficult to get a drill pipe deep enough into the ground. In that case you can use a casing tube platform. The casing tube platform is a slip-resistant steel platform with a hole so that it fits over the casing tube. The casing tube platform can be placed on a pipe clamp and thus carry the body weight of one person. The casing tube platforms are used to ensure an ergonomic position during deep bailer boring.

Place a first casing tube platform over the casing tube on the borehole (remove the casing tube clamp). This will stabilise the casing tubes when augering at greater depth and prevents loose soil material to enter between the borehole wall and the casing. Attach a second sample to the casing tube clamp, at about 40 cm above ground level. Stand on the platform while bailing and the body weight will cause the casing to drop.

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