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Compression Test Apparatus Set

Compression Test Apparatus Set

SKU: 0867

The compression test apparatus measures the impact of vertical stress on an undisturbed soil sample. During the measurement the soil water matrix, compression stress and vertical displacement are measured simultaneously.

  • All-in-one compression measurements
  • User friendly and easy to operate
  • Software controlled measurement protocols
  • Accurate measurement principles
  • Software controlled measurement protocols
  • Graphical instrument overview and data zoom functions
  • Calibration functions
  • Developed in cooperation with Christian Albrechts University Kiel



This apparatus applies pressure from the top for a fixed amount of time and measures how the soil responds. It operates fully automatic, and under computer control, using multifunctional software for executing set measurement protocols and both numerical and graphical visualised data presentation. All measured parameters are logged.

The samples are taken in a soil sample ring Ø 103 x 100 mm, height 30 mm, contents 235 cc.


  • Soil science, mechanics and erosion
  • Pre-compression for shear tests
  • Environmental research
  • Basic material research

The apparatus was developed in cooperation with Christian Albrechts University Kiel in Germany, a leading institution in soil compaction research. Read the interview with Prof. Horn of Kiel University for more information. 

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