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Conductivity Module

Conductivity Module

The Conductivity Module contains two insulated electrodes and can be mounted on the back of a 15 cm2 CPT cone to determine the electrical conductivity of the soil.

  • Module can be used up to 500 mS/m
  • Soil conductivity data with no reduction in production rate
  • Determine stratigraphy, moisture content, salt content and more in one test



The dielectric parameters of the soil, the electrical conductivity, and the electrical permittivity vary predominantly with the soil's water content and the contamination with hydrocarbons. Furthermore, electrical conductivity is inversely proportional to particle size (e.g., clays usually have higher conductivity than sands).


The combination of these parameters provides insights that are useful in determining the stratigraphy, moisture content, saltwater intrusion, or environmental contamination of the soil in one test.

The conductivity module, mounted behind a CPT cone, enables in-situ measurements of these dielectric parameters while at the same time capturing CPT data. It contains two insulated electrodes using the soil mass as dielectric correlated material. It can be mounted behind a 15 cm2 cone or be fitted with a dummy tip to be used independently. 

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