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Cone Saturation System

Cone Saturation System

In order to obtain reliable pore pressure readings, it's essential that the filter elements are completely saturated and that any air is removed from the pore pressure chamber of the CPT cone. For this purpose, we offer two different saturation systems.

  • For reliable pore-water pressure measurements
  • Easily saturate cone filter rings
  • In accordance with ISO standard Class 1



The first option is using a saturation kit to saturate the filter rings (whether brass or HDPE) either in the workshop or on-site. Mounting of the tip and filter assembly under oil covering can then be performed by placing a customised stainless steel funnel over the cone body. This is achieved using our cost-effective saturation system.

However for optimum saturation when pore pressure data is crucial, such as when performing Application Class 1 tests, the entire cone with the filter ring can be placed in a saturation chamber to de-air them together. This is achieved using our advanced saturation system.

Product options 

  • De-aerating device for filter rings, 10 or 15 cm2
    A small cost-effective system to saturate the filter elements. It's provided with a funnel to help install the element on to the cone
  • De-aerating device for piezo cones, 110 or 230 VAC
    A system to saturate one or more fully assembled cones, which allows for CPT in accordance with ISO standard Class 1
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