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CPT Pusher 200 KN

CPT Pusher 200 KN

The CPT pushers normally mounted on the Compact Crawler CPT systems can be purchased as stand-alone units with or without the hydraulic powerpacks. These pushers can then be mounted to existing carriers or used in combination with a ground frame for work in basements and other hard to reach locations.

  • Easy to operate
  • Suitable for stand-alone use
  • Easy to transport on Compact Crawlers
  • Can be supplied with limited stroke length for low overhead clearance operation
  • Can be operated with long hydraulic hoses to allow indoor operation



The range of stand-alone CPT pushers are designed to offer the highest degree of flexibility. With these, you can do your cone penetration testing at even the most logistically challenging projects.

If you need extra power, the 200 kN is your model of choice. The pushers can be mounted to almost any rig or surface using the available frames. With its low ram stroke of only 550 mm, as well as the ability to operate with long hydraulic hoses, the 200 kN model is perfect for use in basements or other enclosed areas. But the unit can also be supplied with a long ram stroke of 1050 mm to perform CPT more efficiently.

As well being able to use a provided hydraulic powerpack, through the use of quick connect couplings the stand-alone pushers can also use the PTO of a system such as an excavator. This offers an even greater degree of flexibility.

The CPT Pusher 200 kN is supplied with either the Pitbull mechanical push-pull clamp or the ball clamp, which greatly simplifies the pushing and pulling of the CPT tubes. 

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