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Data Acquisition Hardware and Software

Data Acquisition Hardware and Software

The Geologger system connects to your cone and collects the measurements from the cone penetration testing. The data can be transferred to a Windows computer to be reviewed with the GeoExplorer data acquisition software. (Cone not included)

  • Both analogue and digital versions available
  • Real-time viewing options of test data
  • Complete package for CPT data acquisition



The data acquisition system provides all the necessary functionality to perform cone penetration testing. At the center is the Geologger that is powered by either 12 or 24 VDC or 110 or 230 VAC. It then powers the CPT cone that is connected and acquires the data generated by that cone. 

If the incoming data streams are analogue, the Geologger will convert them to digital data. The data is combined with the output of the depth registration system, before all is transferred to a Windows computer. The GeoExplorer software provides the operator with various real-time viewing options of the obtained test data, as well as the capability to store the test data. 

Set contents

The CPT data acquisition system consists of a Geologger that can connect to a Windows laptop with the GeoExplorer software. This software package was completely revised in 2021 and is the most modern and versatile product for on-site registration of Cone Penetration Testing data.

The data acquisition system consists of:

  • a Geologger (either the analogue or the digital version depending on the cone type)
  • a power cord
  • a USB cable to connect the Geologger to a Windows computer
  • the GeoExplorer software

The additional GeoExplorer Office software can be used to read, edit and store the CPT measurement files. 

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