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Depth Registration System

Depth Registration System

The depth registration system provides the depth information for the CPT operation. Combined with the data collected by the cone, it helps to generate a profile as a function of depth for those data. The system consists of an encoder with either a manual switch or a proximity switch to activate the recording.

  • Provides depth information
  • Generates profiles as a function of depth
  • Different switches available



The depth registration system consists of a depth encoder that is mounted on a static part of the pusher or CPT rig and connected to the pusher’s bridge with a steel cable. It then records the movement of the bridge whenever it is activated either manually (through a hand-operated switch) or automatically (through the use of a proximity switch). 

The data from the depth encoder is transmitted to the Geologger, where it is combined with the incoming cone data to generate profiles as a function of depth.

Product options

  • Manual switch to start recording of PCT data with 2m cable
  • Proximity switch with 3m cable


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