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Double Ring Infiltometer

Double Ring Infiltometer

SKU: 0904

The double ring infiltrometer is a simple instrument that is used to determine the rate of infiltration of water into the soil. The rate of infiltration is determined as the amount of water per surface area and time unit, that penetrates the soil.

  • Ideal for infiltration measurement of top soils
  • Infiltration, irrigation and soil permeability research
  • Triple rings to get a representative average
  • Perfect for flood/furrow irrigation advice
  • Stainless steel rings will last forever



This standard double ring infiltrometer set is used for synchronous measurements in triplicate. 

The measurement of water infiltration into the soil is an important indication for the efficiency of irrigation and drainage, optimising the availability of water for plants, improving crop yield and minimising erosion.

The double ring infiltrometer is a simple instrument used to determine the infiltration rate of water into the soil. The infiltration rate is determined as the amount of water per unit area and unit time that penetrates the soil. This rate can be calculated from the measurement results and Darcy's Law.

The standard set of the double ring infiltrometer consists of several sets of stainless steel rings with different diameters (for transport reasons). Since vertically infiltrated water flows away to the sides, the outer ring of the infiltrometer serves as a barrier. Measurements are only taken in the inner ring through which the water flows almost vertically.


  • Infiltration research
  • Soil permeability research
  • Irrigation research

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