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Drill'o CPT

Drill'o CPT

Bridging the gap between drilling and CPT, the Drill’o CPT is a cost-efficient way to transform your drill rig into a CPT rig capable of performing continuous cone penetration tests. The Drill’o CPT is tooling mounted between the drill head and the drill pipe, so CPT can be performed with almost any drill rig.

  • Perform true continuous CPTs with a drill rig
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Suitable to convert most drill rigs into a CPT rig



Resulting from Royal Eijkelkamp’s unique experience in both drilling and CPT, the Drill’o CPT is the simplest piece of tooling on the market for converting your drill rig into a fully capable CPT machine. With the CPT unit mounted between the drill head and the drill pipe, drilling and CPT operations can be performed efficiently using the same rig over the same hole.

The Drill’o CPT is not a downhole tool allowing you to perform discrete CPT pushes. In fact, it's a system that allows you to perform true continuous cone penetration testing from surface to refusal.

However, unlike conventional CPT rigs, if refusal occurs due to reaching a hard layer, you can drill through the obstacle to resume CPT. If sampling is required the Drill’o CPT can provide CPT data in between sampling operations.

The Drill’o CPT is a piece of drill rig tooling that uses the vertical movement of the drill head to push the CPT cone into the ground. The maximum pushing force is therefore dependent on the rig's hydraulic system as well its weight (to provide a reaction force).

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