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Edelman Auger for Clay

Edelman Auger for Clay

Edelman auger Clay type, specially designed for use in cohesive soils. The narrow blades meet with little resistance during penetration of the soil. Available as one-piece auger or bottom part with various diameters and connections.

  • High tensile strength forged auger bodies
  • Perfect auger body shapes for optimal drilling
  • Non toxic steel for all types of analyses
  • Rapid connectible extension rods


Clay soils can be very cohesive. The blades of this clay type auger have been made narrow, so the blades meet with little resistance. The augering can be done with a minimum of effort, producing a hardly disturbed sample. Wider blades would cause extra friction and the soil material would be difficult to remove.

The characteristic design of the Edelman auger allows for a minimum of friction during both penetration into the soil and the extraction from the soil, which means less physical effort. To achieve optimal results, the auger type should be chosen in respect of the soil type in question.

Augers should be left to air-dry after use and decontaminated with soaps. Rust will naturally appear on these augers, read the brochure for more information.

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