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Filter Holder for In-Line Filtration

Filter Holder for In-Line Filtration

SKU: 123101

The filter holder for in-line filtration is used for removal of soil particles from water samples during sampling. This apparatus has a net filtration area of 130 cm², and it is suitable for use in the field and in the laboratory.

  • Net filtration area of 130 cm²
  • Simple de-contamination between samples
  • Samples only touch PTFE
  • Vent assures anoxic field-filtration
  • Needed for (trace) metal analyses



The filter apparatus, suitable for field and laboratory, has a net filtration area of 130 cm². Only the medium to be filtered comes into contact with the chemically inert PTFE. The rest of the apparatus consist of stainless steel, which makes it easy to clean in the field. With this filter unit it is easy to free water samples from soil particles. 

The filter apparatus can be connected in-line to a peristaltic pump, nitrogen powered gas-lift pump or a bladder pump. Also vacuum filtrations are possible; any vacuum pump can be used for that purpose. The device is not only suitable for 0.45 micron filters. Please note that changing membranes can be difficult under windy circumstances. If the right filter membrane is used, very aggressive liquids and gases can also be filtered.


  • Irrigation research
  • Water quality research
  • Monitoring water quality
  • Water sampling
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