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Flap Gouge Auger - for Samplings to 2 m

Flap Gouge Auger - for Samplings to 2 m

SKU: 2007

The flap gouge auger is used for depth specific samplings in dry or wet material to a depth of 2 metres. The flap auger has an M10 screw thread connection.

  • Small and efficient
  • For sampling in dry or wet material
  • Also applicable for the food industry
  • Gives representative samples
  • For samplings to 2 metre


This sampler is basically a down-sized peat sampler. It can be used for soil and sediment sampling, but it is often applied as a sampler for all kinds of production material such as plastics, seeds, grains, ores, etc., as well as sampling from bags and containers.

If only a small sample volume is required and you do not need to go beyond a depth of 2 metres, this is a very efficient tool. 

Note: only suitable in very soft and 'flabby' soil/sediment


  • Profile description and classification
  • Sampling above groundwater table
  • Sampling below groundwater table
  • Texture research
  • Granulates sampling (plastics, seeds, grains, ores) 

Set contains

  • One flap gouge auger/sampler
  • Extension accessories
  • Spatula
  • Cleaning material
  • Strong carrying bag for transport in the field
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