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Gamma-Ray Module

Gamma-Ray Module

This module measures the total gamma counts as well as the full energy spectrum of the gamma radiation emitted naturally from within the formations penetrated by the module. The gamma-ray module sits behind a 15 cm2 CPT cone and allows the user to classify soil based on its unique composition of radioactive elements.

  • Soil classification based on radioactive elements
  • Measures gamma counts and gamma radiation
  • For any type of soil or mineral



The outcome when using this module, is used for soil classifications as every type of soil and mineral has its own so-called fingerprint of potassium(K), uranium(U) and thorium(Th).

The method

The technique of measuring the natural radiation in the earth’s surface is called radiometry. During a radiometric survey the gamma radiation emitted by the surrounding soil is measured, either simply by recording the intensity of the gamma radiation (counts) or by determining the spectrum of the intensity. The latter will allow quantification of the various naturally radioactive elements, such as potassium (K), uranium (U) and thorium (Th). The outcome can then be used for soil classifications. 

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