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GDT Prime Plus

GDT Prime Plus

GDT Prime Plus modem set. This model offers more flexibility compared to its counterparts and has a second sensor port that supports a vast range of third party sensors, such as SDI-12 or analogue. It's available with Eijkelkamp SIM card or no SIM card.

  • Real-time alarms
  • Global connectivity (GPRS & UMTS)
  • Easy link to your own web environment via API
  • Internal barometric and temperature sensor
  • External antenna for optimal reception
  • Data available on DataViewer or via e-mail



The GDT Prime Plus modem logs sensor data and allows you to directly connect to Scuba probes, SDI-12/Analogue/Pulse sensors or Divers. It always lets you know where it's located, thanks to GPS/GLONASS coordinates. It wil also power the sensor connected to the second port, when needed. 

Set consists of 

  • GDT Prime Plus modem (11.34.03)
  • Alkaline battery D 1.5 V, set of 2 pieces (11.31.21)
  • GPRS/UMTS/GPS antenna (11.34.35)
  • Installation check (11.34.11)

Note: the modem is powered with standard alkaline batteries, but a lithium battery is optional for intensive use. Since different sensors have different power requirements, the GDT Prime Plus offers the possibility to use and external power supply (6-24V DC) to extend battery life. 

Available variations

  • 11.34.03.ES GDT Prime Plus with Eijkelkamp SIM
    Please note that a SIM card subscription (11.62.81/82) is not included
  • 11.34.03.NS GDT Prime Plus without SIM
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