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GDT-S Prime

GDT-S Prime

GDT-S Prime modem set. Available without SIM or with Royal Eijkelkamp SIM card.

  • Plug and play installation
  • Real-time alarms
  • Internal barometric and temperature sensor
  • Data available on DataViewer (web portal) or e-mail
  • External antenna for optimal reception
  • Robust design with IP68 waterproof rating
  • Secure data transmission



Field trips to collect sensor data are history: the GDT-S Prime enables you to easily access your conductivity, temperature and water level data 24/7. 

The GDT-S Prime modem will take care of the transfer of data from the Diver sensor to you, wherever you are, whenever and however you want it. Plus, at any time or place you can perform a remote battery check, run basic diagnostics, receive upgrades, set communication intervals such as measurement and send intervals, and set alarms.

You can receive your data by e-mail or download it via Eijkelkamp DataViewer.

The GDT-S Prime can also be connected to your own web environment by means of API interface, or you can retrieve the data through SFTP.

The GDT-S Prime is designed to fit in a 2 inch monitoring well and requires no extra hardware installation. Simply connect the modem with the MDC cable to your sensor and install the unit in the monitoring well. 

Set consists of: 

  • GDT-S Prime modem (11.34.01)
  • Alkaline battery D 1.5 V, set of 2 pieces (11.31.21)
  • GPRS/UMTS antenna (11.34.34)
  • Installation check (11.34.11)

Note: the GDT-S Prime modem is powered with standard alkaline batteries. For intensive use, a lithium battery is optional. 

Available variations: 

  • 11.34.01.NS GDT-S Prime without SIM
  • 11.34.01.ES GDT-S Prime with Eijkelkamp SIM
    Please note that a SIM card subscription (11.62.81/82) is not included 
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