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Gouge Auger, Bottom

Gouge Auger, Bottom

Royal Eijkelkamp has gouge auger bottom parts in various types and sizes and with different types of connections.

  • Many different variants
  • Hand-forged from high-quality hardened steel
  • Ideal for profile research and sampling


Royal Eijkelkamp's gouge augers are of high quality and hand-forged. They are made of non-toxic steel with a high tensile strength.  Gouge augers are ideal for carrying out profile research and sampling. There are gouge augers that are suitable for soft soils or gouge augers that are extra weighted to take a sample in harder soils. 


  • Soil sampling above and below the groundwater level
  • Archaeological soil research
  • Environmental soil research

Due to the minimal disturbance of the sample, the gouge auger is often applied in profile research for:

  • Soil mapping
  • Soil suitability research
  • Educational purposes
  • Rootage research
  • Soil sampling for fertilisation research
  • Clay Dispersion Research
  • Paleontological research
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