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Hand Auger Set - Bayonet Connection, Standard

Hand Auger Set - Bayonet Connection, Standard

SKU: 0111SO

Auger set for hand operated augering up to 5 metres depth in heterogeneous soils. This is a standard set for augering, with unpainted augers for environmental research. The augers have a bayonet connection.

  • Augering up to 5 meter depth
  • Bayonet connection allows fast and simple exchange of rods and auger heads
  • Soil profile description and classification
  • Soil sampling above and below groundwater table


The standard hand operated auger set is comprised of a 60 centimetres handle with synthetic, detachable grip and different auger types with a diameter of 7 centimetres. All with a bayonet connection.

This auger set is used to carry out manual drilling, sampling and investigation (e.g. soil horizon, geology and archaeology) in a variety of soils.


  • Soil profile description and classification 
  • Soil sampling above and below groundwater table in cohesive soils 
  • Archaeological soil research 
  • Environmental soil research 

Set contains

  • Various types of soil augers to reach groundwater level
  • Augers for extraction of less-disturbed soil samples
  • Extension rods
  • Augering handle
  • Pull/push handle
  • Piston sampler
  • Gouge auger
  • Sounding device with measuring tape
  • Utility probe with cone spare parts
  • Various accessories
  • Aluminium transport case
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