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Hydrometer Kit, Standard Set

Hydrometer Kit, Standard Set

SKU: 0830

The hydrometer method is an accurate way to determine the particle size distribution in a soil sample. This kit is a complete set to analyse the grain-size of of the smallest fractions in soil samples.

  • Complete kit
  • Determine particle size distribution of the smallest fractions
  • Use readings to determine grain size according to Stoke's Law



With the hydrometer method, a sample is first cleaned of organic matter. It is then weighed and dried, suspended in water, and sieved. 

The solution that passes through the sieve is transferred to a measuring cylinder with water. Hydrometer readings are then taken at regular intervals. These hydrometer readings, combined with sedimentation time, are used to determine the grain sizes according to the Stoke’s Law.

The hydrometer kit contains:

  • A number of hydrometers
  • Sedimentation cylinders
  • Thermometer
  • Glass container
  • Heating element with thermostat and stirrer
  • Soil stirrer
  • Various accessories

The hydrometer set is used to analyse smaller fractions of soil samples. To perform a complete analysis of the grain-size of soil samples, the granular composition test set is required for the analysis of coarse fractions and a pipette apparatus for fractions smaller than 38 μm. 

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