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Liquid Tight Floor Cover

Liquid Tight Floor Cover

Floor covers can be used to seal boreholes in concrete, up to a diameter of 120-123 mm.



This floor cover can create a liquid tight seal of the floor thanks to a chemically resistant rubber, that seals the drilled floor at its coating.

Once installed the cover lid causes minimal disturbance for a passing vehicle. The liquid tight floor cover is applied at gasstations, factories, garages, carwashes, chemical plants, etc.

Available variations

Two types of floor covers are available: a light and a heavy model.

The light model has a 3 mm thick electrolytical galvanised lid. It has a load taking capacity of 1000 kg according to NEN/EN 124. This cover is mostly applied indoors, to seal holes in light loaded liquid tight floors.

10.02.60 Floor cover light, galvanised, 1 piece
10.02.65 Floor cover light, galvanised, 50 pieces 

The heavy model has a 4 mm thick stainless steel lid. This cover has a load taking capacity of 1750 kg according to NEN/EN 124 and is normally used outside, to seal holes in normal to heavy loaded liquid tight floors.

10.02.62 Floor cover heavy, stainless steel, 1 piece
10.02.67 Floor cover heavy, stainless steel, 50 pieces

For both covers, a yearly inspection is recommended.

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