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Micro Diver Water Level Logger

Micro Diver Water Level Logger

Very small data logger for monitoring wells, type Micro-Diver. Suitable for the measuring and recording of groundwater levels and temperatures. Available in ranges 10 m, 20 m, 50 m and 100 m.

  • Compact size: 18 mm diameter, 88 mm length
  • Fits in 3/4 inch monitoring wells
  • 48,000 records of time stamp, pressure and temperature
  • 30-point pressure factory calibration
  • Pre-pogrammed and user defined pumping tests
  • Events-based, averaging and pumping tests sample methods to conserve memory



Measuring only 88 mm in length and 18 mm in diameter, the Micro-Diver is the smallest Diver capable of accurately recording groundwater levels, surface water levels and temperature. Suitable for pipes with a diameter of at least 20mm. These instruments are more narrow, and suitable for pumping tests. 

The Micro-Diver measures autonomously and is specifically designed for monitoring wells or drive-points too small to accommodate larger dataloggers. In addition to its compact size, the Micro-Diver’s memory capacity can store up to 48,000 measurements per parameter - almost one measurement every ten minutes for an entire year. Connect the diver to a modem to transmit collected data directly from the field to your data centre.

The datalogger is housed in a stainless steel cylindrical casing, with a suspension eye at the top. The suspension eye can be unscrewed and is designed to install the Diver into the monitoring well and protect the optical connector. The electronics, sensors and battery are maintenance-free and installed into the casing. The Diver is not designed to be opened.

Special software is available for the Divers. Download via WeTransfer. 


  • Cost-effective solution for frequent and long-term measuring
  • Suitable for many applications
  • Warranty 1 year

Available variations

  • Range 10 metre
  • Range 20 metre
  • Range 50 metre
  • Range 100 metre


  • Geohydrological research
  • Water quantity research
  • Monitoring water quantity
  • Long-term water level monitoring 
  • Groundwater monitoring projects

Note: for longterm measurement in brackish and salt water or in other aggressive environments please use Cera-Diver or CTD-Diver.

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