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Mini Rainfall Simulator for Erosion Test

Mini Rainfall Simulator for Erosion Test

SKU: 0906

The Mini rainfall simulator for erosion test, type LUW is a standard set for field use. It consists of a sprinkler with a built-in pressure regulator, a support for the sprinkler and a stainless steel bottom frame with gutter.

  • Small weight; no trucks needed
  • Long-lasting calibrated glass nozzles
  • Supplies rain storm for comparative research



Sensitivity to erosion is hard to measure as absolute values can not be obtained. It is, however, possible to obtain a reasonable indication by means of a relative measurement. For such a measurement a rainfall simulator can be applied.


With the rainfall simulator, the runoff and soil loss generated by a standardised rain shower is measured on a plot with standard surface area. The duration, intensity and kinetic energy of the shower are such that a high sensitivity of the test results for differences in soil properties is obtained.

The extent to which the soil is sensitive to erosion is determined largely by the composition of the soil. Knowledge of the sensitivity to erosion is important for the development of a certain plot.


  • Erosion research

Set contains

  • Rainfall simulator
  • Soil wetting jar
  • Water storage tank (20 litres)
  • Sample collection box (2 litres)
  • Sample bucket
  • Stopwatch
  • Accessories
  • Aluminium transport case
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