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Monitoring Well Cover with Plastic Lid

Monitoring Well Cover with Plastic Lid

Monitoring well cover made of HDPE, to protect your monitoring wells on cycle paths and sidewalks.

  • Very spacious on the inside
  • Ideal dimensions to fit in all kinds of brick roads
  • Strong and stable lid
  • Resistant to UV, frost and ageing
  • Option to secure against break-ins or sabotage
  • Option to make it liquid tight



This monitoring well cover has a load capacity of 350 kg, tested according to NEN/DIN 124. This makes the cover suitable for areas with cyclists and pedestrians.

The outer size is 200 x 200 mm, inner size 135 mm diameter, height 150 mm.

The blue plastic cover has a mounting hole for attaching a monitoring well label or transponder and space for your company name and/or logo.

This model is available in different versions.

  • 10.02.30 Standard well cover
  • Standard well cover, 120 pieces
  • 10.02.31 Well cover with o-ring, for liquid-tight seal
  • 10.02.34 Well cover with o-ring and and inner socket head screw
  • 10.02.35 Well cover with o-ring and vandalism-proof inner socket head screw
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