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Multisampler - Rod Operated 5m

Multisampler - Rod Operated 5m

SKU: 1242

This Multisampler is used for undisturbed sediment core sampling in relatively soft sediment (with a cutting ring) and watery sediment (with ball valve).

  • Undisturbed, anaerobe, liquid layer, sludge and sediment sampling
  • Quick and simple sampling
  • Accurate mix-sampling during one procedure
  • The option of sampling at accurate depth
  • The sampling tube can be changed and/or decontaminated quickly



With the Multisampler you can quickly and easily take undisturbed sediment samples in both wet, solid and fluid material. This standard set is rod-operated and suitable for application in water up to a depth of 5 metres. It is possible to sample at an accurate depth (without mixing with higher layers). Accurate mix sampling can be done during a procedure.


The samples are taken in a transparent tube, which allows you to immediately visually check the sample and make a clear profile description. The device is pushed into the sludge. To prevent compaction of the layers, a piston is kept in a stationary position in relation to the sludge. The piston can be operated directly with a rod, so that the sample can be pushed from the sampler into the sampling trough on site. The sampling tube can be quickly disinfected or changed, making it even easier to take samples. This set is supplied in a carrying bag with shoulder strap. Please note that the Multisampler is not suitable for hammering. 


  • Environmental soil research 
  • Undisturbed sampling 
  • Sewage water research 
  • Anaerobe sampling 
  • Liquid layer sampling 
  • Sludge sampling 
  • Sediment sampling 

Set contains

  • Multisampler
  • Two cutting heads (one for fluid- and one for solid material)
  • Sampling tubes
  • Pistons
  • Extension rods
  • Top-piece
  • Various accessories
  • Carrying bag with shoulder strap
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