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Pürckhauer Gouge Auger Set - Hard Soils

Pürckhauer Gouge Auger Set - Hard Soils

SKU: 0401SC

The Pürckhauer gouge auger set is used for one piece soil sampling or profiling in hard soils to 1 metre deep. This is a gouge auger set made according to Dr. Pürckhauer's principle.

  • Up to a depth of 1 meter
  • Soil sampling/profiling in hard soils
  • Soil suitability reviews
  • Educational purposes


The Pürckhauer gouge auger is a one-piece gouge auger made of tough elastic steel for soil sampling and/or profiling in hard soils. This gouge (earth boring stock) is made out of solid steel, with 28 millimetres outer diameter and with a pressed steel impact head. The plug-in rotary handles are rubber-coated and also serve as groove cleaners.

This auger can be hammered, but only with the included simplex sledgehammers. The drilling depth is 1 metre and the groove width is 18 millimetres inner diameter. This product is suitable for medium and heavy soils.  

Because of the minimal disturbance of the sample, the gouge auger is frequently applied in profile research for:

  • Soil mapping
  • Soil suitability reviews
  • Educational purposes
  • Root research
  • Soil sampling for fertilization research
  • Dry (clay) distribution research
  • Paleontological research
  • Environmental soil research

Set contains

  • Pürckhauer gouge auger with rotary handles
  • Hammer
  • Extraction system
  • Spatula
  • Carrying bag
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