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Parvus 35 KN

Parvus 35 KN

The Parvus 35 kN is the lightest stand-alone CPT push frame in the Eijkelkamp CPT pusher range, and suitable for mini CPT cones. The unit can be mounted on a CPT carrier, or directly mounted to almost any surface through the use of the available frames. The unit is powered through a supplied, lightweight hydraulic power pack.

  • Easy to move and transport given its size and weight
  • Suitable to perform CPT at even the most challenging locations
  • Limited stroke length to operate in low overhead places



The range of stand-alone CPT pushers are designed to offer the highest degree of flexibility and allow you to perform CPT on even the most logistically challenging projects.

The Parvus 35 kN is the lightest and most transportable pusher in our range, being easily hand portable as well as simple to operate. The Parvus is suitable for 2 or 5 cm2 cones and is perfect for use in enclosed areas, thanks to the included electric powerpack. 

When only very small pushing forces are required, for near surface investigations or in soft soils, or when using smaller diameter cones, 35 kN may be more than adequate. In those cases the Parvus is ideal. This pusher is provided with ball clamps, which greatly simplifies the pushing and pulling of the CPT tubes. 

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