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Penetrologger with GPS - Standard Set

Penetrologger with GPS - Standard Set

SKU: 0615SA

The Royal Eijkelkamp penetrologger is a versatile instrument for in-situ measurement of soil penetration resistance. This electronic penetrometer comes with a built-in datalogger and memory for up to 1500 measurements.

  • Incorporated fast GPS, data is auto-stored
  • Traffic ability or load bearing capacity research
  • No mechanical parts, strong and reliable
  • Numerous different projects can be defined
  • Geotechnical soil research



This lightweight penetrologger of Royal Eijkelkamp is ergonomically designed and can measure up to a depth of 80 cm. The penetrologger is used to measure the penetration resistance of the soil. The penetration resistance is a means to determine the carrying capacity of the soil and the ease with which roots can grow through the soil. This is important in agricultural, farming and civil engineering techniques. 

With the built-in data logger the data is easily stored for further processing on your PC. The penetrologger contains an accurate internal GPS system (16 channels GPS receiver) to determine the exact measuring location. The coordinates stored in the penetrologger can be linked to a location or map using software (or less accurately via the Internet). The penetrologger results are displayed in MegaPascals (MPa) and Newtons (N) as a function of depth. The penetrologger also derives the Cone Index (CI).


  • Agricultural- as well as the civil engineering sector and technical soil research
  • General soil science research
  • Trafficability or load bearing capacity research
  • Foundation technology
  • The detection of compacted (possibly impermeable) sub-soil layers
  • Checking whether or not the soil is suitable for agricultural use

Set contains

  • Penetrologger body 
  • 4 different cones 
  • 2 probing rods 
  • Battery charger  
  • RS232 cable + adapter RS323 to USB 
  • Depth reference plate 
  • Cone check 
  • Driver software for converter cable
  • Penetroviewer software, downloadable below
  • Accessories 
  • Rugged transport case 

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