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Percussion Drilling Set - Hammer Cobra TT, RD32

Percussion Drilling Set - Hammer Cobra TT, RD32

SKU: 0419SC

The percussion drilling set for heterogeneous soils with RD32 and a gasoline powered percussion hammer (Cobra TT) is standard equipped for drilling to a depth up to 5 metres.

  • Equipped for drilling to a depth up to 5 metres
  • With gasoline powered percussion hammer (Cobra TT)
  • The solution for city centers/industrial sites
  • Beautiful clean samples, no lubricants used
  • Can be combined with liner or foil sampling



The percussion drilling set is perfect for soils with bricks, large or many stones, for example in urban areas or industrial sites. With this drilling set you get beautiful clean samples without the use of lubricants. The set is equipped with extremely robust rods and gouges. The different diameters allow efficient, fast and light work. Please note that this set does not replace cutting with a diamond core and is not intended for fibrous material. Do not use the set on dry glacial loam, porosity is required.

The percussion drilling sets are equipped with RD32-connection extension rods and percussion gouges are screwed together using a coupling sleeve. The RD32-connection is used in firmer, dryer soils. The RD32-connection takes very little time to attach and take off. The RD32-rods connect together by means of a coupling sleeve, which means that the massive extension rods have the same diameter along the entire length, which makes them very strong.


  • Soil profile description and classification
  • Soil sampling above and below groundwater table
  • Environmental soil research
  • Undisturbed sampling

Set contains

  • Gasoline driven percussion hammer with accessories and wooden transport box
  • Various extension rods
  • Coupling sleeves
  • Percussion gouges (combination type for various types of soil) in various diameters and lengths
  • Core sampler for PVC sample tubes and foil liners
  • Mechanical rod puller
  • Universal casing and rod puller clamp
  • Rod puller extension for the extraction of the first gouge
  • Crow bar
  • Accessories to empty and clean the gouge
  • Lifting jack with lever and chain
  • Utility probe for safe cable finding
  • Stairs for use with the percussion hammer in the field
  • Aluminium transport cases

For larger depths we offer (Sonic)drilling and CPT equipment.

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