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Peristaltic Pump - Hand Operated

Peristaltic Pump - Hand Operated

SKU: 1223

The hand operated peristaltic pump is used for water sampling, or pumping 0 - 1000 ml/min. This pump has a suction head up to 9.5 metres.

  • No cross contamination: exchangeable tubing 
  • Pumps air as well as water 
  • Monitoring well installation and water quality
  • Pressure allows perfect on-site 0.45 micron filtration



The hand-operated peristaltic pump is a very reliable apparatus that is used for pumping of gasses and fluids. This pump is a simple, but very durable, peristaltic pump with three pressure rollers. The bearings of the drive shaft and the pressure rollers are water resistant.  

The pump can deliver a pump pressure of 3 bar, which makes it suitable for use with in-line filters, and an underpressure maximum of 1 bar. It is a self-priming pump. Even when the pump is out of use, the pump tube is completely pressed by at least one roller. Fluid and gas cannot flow back. 

Using the hand-operated peristaltic pump, water can be pumped from a depth of up to 9.5 metres. A 6 x 10 millimetres silicon tube is most suitable for groundwater sampling which is often used with 6 x 8 millimetres per tube.

The hand-operated peristaltic pump is fitted with a handle with bearings that operates very light. The stainless-steel monopod stand has been fitted with a press-down rim that allows you to press the stand into the soil easily for support. Please note that the hand-operated peristaltic pump is not suitable for purging. 


  • Monitoring well installation 
  • Infiltration research 
  • Water quality research 
  • Monitoring water quality 
  • Anaerobe sampling 
  • Water sampling 
  • Ground water sampling 
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