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PH - EC - Oxygen Meter Set

PH - EC - Oxygen Meter Set

SKU: 1889

Complete set for the measurement of pH, EC and oxygen in water.

  • Acidity, conductivity and oxygen measurement
  • Portable meter
  • Suitable to work in any condition
  • High-resolution colour display



The pH/EC/oxygen meter for water is a professional, portable water quality meter. It has an innovative, high-resolution colour display, with adjustable contrast and brightness that allows you to use the instrument in various weather conditions. The instrument contains a pH, EC and polarographic oxygen electrode with built-in temperature sensor.

The setup and calibration mode contain an integrated manual, for simple and intuitive use of the device. Automatic calibration of conductivity is up to 5 points and 1 point custom defined by the user. Adjustable reference temperature and selectable cell constant. Indication with icons of the calibrated points.   

Measuring range

  • pH: -2.00 -20.00 (resolution pH 0.001)
  • mV: ± 2000 mV
  • EC: 0.01 µS/cm - 1000 mS (resolution EC 0.01)
  • Dissolved oxygen 0.00 - 50.00 mg/l (resolution 0.1 / 1.5 % f.s.)

The product is supplied with a 3 metre cable and accessories in an IP67 waterproof case. 

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