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Sand Catcher

Sand Catcher

A sand catcher is used in combination with the quality monitoring wells with bentonite collar. It serves to prevent sand from flowing past the filter before the collar is swollen.



The plastic sand catcher serves to prevent sand from running in or out of the space around the monitoring wells. As long as the bentonite sleeve is not sufficiently swollen, sand can still penetrate during the period when the bentonite slowly swells. The sand catcher keeps this from happening.

Sand-bentonite catcher for quality monitoring well, set of 50 pieces. 

Available variations: 

  • For monitoring well diameter 20 mm. Dimensions 19.5 x 105 mm
  • For monitoring well diameter 26.6 mm. Dimensions 26 x 105 mm
  • For monitoring well diameter 32 mm and ZeroDiffusionWell. Dimensions 33 x 170 mm
  • For monitoring well, to be placed between the screw thread. Dimensions 29 x 170 mm
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