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Scuba 50

Scuba 50

The Royal Eijkelkamp Scuba 50 measures 50 mm in diameter and is by default equipped with temperature, pH, electrical conductivity and dissolved oxygen sensors. Additional sensors are optional.

  • Measures temperature, pH, EC and DO
  • Optional depth or oxidation reduction potential sensors
  • Top-grade sensors and user friendly software
  • 3 years warranty on probe and sensors
  • Refillable reference sensors
  • Automatic recording of internal calibration data and sensor health indication



Measure up to 6 parameters at the same time with this small but powerful water quality sensor. Optional sensors for the Scuba 50 include oxidation reduction potential (ORP) and depth sensors.

The optical dissolved oxygen (DO) sensor features a durable, replaceable cap, with a lifetime of 5+ years. And because the probe includes a separate reference sensor that can easily be refilled, expensive consumables are eliminated. This will ensure a low cost of ownership over the full lifetime of the probe.

You can connect the Scuba 50 to any of our wireless field display options for sampling in the field, or add a battery pack or solar panel for autonomous deployments. Connect to a telemetry station via the GDT Prime Plus or GDT-M modems to view your real-time data in the cloud.

The probe is offered as complete package, so you are provided with everything you need to start testing water. It’s a full set with cables, software, and electronic manual. 

Available variations

Every Scuba is customisable, but there are several standard versions:

  • 18.11.01 Scuba 50 multiprobe package
    Measures electrical conductivity, pH, DO, and temperature. Optional depth and ORP sensors.
  • 18.11.02 Scuba 50 with internal 3 D battery pack
    Measures electrical conductivity, pH, DO, and temperature. Optional depth and ORP sensors.

Please note in your quote request what you need from your probe, so our specialists can help find the best solution for you. 

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