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Single Gouge Auger - Hard Soils

Single Gouge Auger - Hard Soils

SKU: 04010330V

The single gouge auger is used to take samples in hard soils. This gouge auger takes samples to a depth of 1 metre and a diameter of 3 cm.

  • Drilling up to 1 metre depth
  • Non-toxic high tensile steel
  • Perfect for quick soil preparation
  • Push, turn, pull; that's it!


The single gouge auger was developed for sampling in hard soil layers. This gouge auger is made from high-quality steel with high tensile strength. Would you like to take a quick soil sample? The gouge auger has a weighted auger body and an impact head. The single gouge auger for hard soils is also available in a complete gouge auger set. 


  • Soil sampling above and below groundwater table
  • Archaeological soil research
  • Environmental soil research

Because of the minimal disturbance of the sample, the gouge auger is frequently applied in profile research for:

  • Soil mapping
  • Soil suitability reviews
  • Educational purposes
  • Root research
  • Soil sampling for fertilization research
  • Clay distribution research
  • Paleontological research
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