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Single Root Auger

Single Root Auger

SKU: 0501

The single root auger is used to take undisturbed samples for root investigations in soils with low penetration resistance. Samples with a length of 15 centimetres can be taken to a depth of maximum 1 metre.

  • Soil sampling above groundwater table
  • Soil texture and environmental soil research
  • Durable, maintenance free stainless steel
  • Undisturbed sampling
  • Gives large cylindrical cores, easy to wash



Root research is executed to improve the insight in the possibilities for root growth (depth and concentration) of the root system of trees and plants. In general it is important to all plants to have a dense and extensive root system in the soil. An extensive root system allows the plant to benefit from a large volume of soil. If sufficient quantities of nutrients and water are present, the absorption will be larger if the root system is more extensive. Measuring the root system also is a useful means of localising physical and/or chemical barriers in the soil profile.

This single root auger is not very cost effective and gives large cylindrical cores. The auger is easy to clean and suitable for soft (turf) layers. Please note that this root auger is not suitable for hammering. 

If the root system researched deviates substantially from an ‘ordinary’ root system, then this is usually due to the following profile characteristics:

  • Presence of layers that are hard to penetrate by roots, for example plough layers, bog ore, heavy clay and loam layers.
  • Sharp contrast in profile, e.g. clay to sand, a soil rich of humus to a soil poor of humus (sand), etc.
  • High groundwater level.


  • Soil sampling above groundwater table
  • Environmental soil research
  • Undisturbed sampling
  • Soil texture research
  • Root zone sampling
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