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Soil Column Cylinder Auger Set

Soil Column Cylinder Auger Set

SKU: 0507

Soil column cylinder auger set, for (almost undisturbed) sampling with a diameter of 90 millimetres and up to 1 metre long. This set is ideal for serious studies of the first metre of the soil. It is a mobile, yet very powerful set.

  • Undisturbed samples with a length of 1 m
  • With gasoline driven hammer (Cobra TT)
  • Structure description of the soil
  • A smooth large sample with small effort 



The soil column cylinder auger has been developed to take undisturbed soil samples. This allows a fast insight in the build-up of the soil profile, the possibilities for a root system, and more. The greater the insight in these matters, the more effective the soil can be treated and fertilised. 

With the soil column cylinder auger system it is possible to take almost undisturbed samples with a length of 1 metre and a diameter of 90 millimetres, without digging a profile pit.

The auger is hammered into the soil by a gasoline driven hammer (Cobra TT), which can be replaced by an electric Hammer on request. The soil auger has a side cover that is easily removable, for checking and/or for sub-sampling of the sample taken. 


  • Structure description of the soil (even the very thin layers) 
  • Root investigation to gain insight in the possibilities for a root system considering depth and intensity 
  • Determination of contents and density of soil using almost undisturbed samples 
  • Researching the moisture content and the concentration of dissolved substances in long running field studies 
  • Studies of the flow behaviour of water and dissolved substances e.g., soils where very preferential moisture transport occurs 
  • Archaeological research 

This set contains

  • Cobra TT hammer in wooden transport box 
  • Striking pen Cobra – RD32 
  • Soil column cylinder auger 
  • Steel lifting jack 
  • Lever with chain, length 1 metre 
  • Hook for extracting cutting shoe + accessories 
  • Sample gutters (10 pieces) 
  • Maintenance kit with gloves 
  • Carrying bag for field equipment 
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