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Soil Oxygen Content Analysis System

Soil Oxygen Content Analysis System

SKU: 1435

The Soil oxygen content analysis system is a device that helps to carry out a soil gas analysis. Using a ‘piercing probe’ and an oxygen content meter the growing conditions for shrubs and trees can be defined without time consuming soil drilling.

  • Measure the soil contamination without time-consuming drilling
  • Meter allows measurements up till 0% O2
  • Immediately shows living conditions for roots



With the Soil oxygen content analysis system you carry out a soil gas analysis easily and quickly with the help of a needle probe and an oxygen content meter, without the need for drilling. A soil gas analysis can provide a lot of information about the soil environment.

This robust system consists of a short soil probe and an oxygen content meter. The probe is pushed into the soil manually. Once at the right depth the probe is lifted slightly to open it. Subsequently the oxygen content meter is connected to the probe and with the aid of a bellows, soil gas is sucked through the meter and the O2 content is measured, which is an important growth parameter for trees and plants.

The probe has a small dead volume, so that a measurement can be taken accurately within a few minutes. The meter allows measurements up to 0% O2 content.

The oxygen content meter works with an electrochemical cell. This cell has a limited service life (about 1.5 years), but can be easily calibrated with air (21%) and with an oxygen-free gas (natural gas, nitrogen).

Please note that the meter requires regular renewal of the O2 sensor.


  • Soil gas analysis

Set contains

  • Soil probe
  • Oxygen content meter
  • Inclusive filter set
  • Including shoulder strap 
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