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Sonic CPT Pusher

Sonic CPT Pusher

The CPT pushers used around the world are designed for static CPT, i.e. for pushing the cone into the soil at 2 cm/s (0.8 in/s). But by adding the option to apply a vibration sonic CPT can be performed that will in many case increase the maximum depth that can be reached with the same pushing force.

  • Pusher to perform both static and SonicCPT
  • Ideal replacement of a static CPT pusher
  • Great to expand the capabilities of an existing boxed crawler or truck
  • 1.25 metre (49 inch) stroke



The SonicCPT pusher 200 kN is ideal to expand the capabilities of a new or an existing CPT rig. The sonic option will greatly reduce the friction along the CPT tubes and might allow the penetration through stiff layers so static CPT can be performed underneath such layers.

The SonicCPT system consists of a pusher with a sonic thrust beam and a cone for sonic CPT operations.

The thrust beam can be moved down at the standard speed of 2 cm/s, with added superimposed vibrations at a frequency up to 150 Hz when operated in sonic mode. As a result of the sonic action, the cone will be subjected to dynamic forces. So the use of a specially designed CPT cone that can withstand the dynamic effects as a result of the vibrations is required.


  • The pusher with the sonic thrust beam can advance the cone at a rate of 20 ± 5 mm/s and maintain this rate during the entire stroke during downward advance of the rods while taking readings.
  • The thrust beam can superimpose a vibration with a frequency between 50 Hz and 150 Hz.
  • The SonicCPT pusher is fitted with a hydraulic clamp to push/pull CPT tubes or casing tubes
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