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Submersible Pump Set - Low Cost

Submersible Pump Set - Low Cost

SKU: 1212SA

Low-cost submersible pump set with ‘Gigant’ and booster pumps. This product is used in monitoring wells with a diameter of minimal 40 millimetres. This pump set is ideal for purging because of the large flow capacity.

  • Can be used in small monitoring wells of 40 millimetres
  • Stainless steel impeller + unbreakable ABS housing 
  • Can be re-used for metal analyses 
  • Can also be powered and speed regulated from peristaltic pump 12 VDC (limited max lift) 
  • Large flow capacity, ideal for purging



This low-cost submersible pump set, which includes ‘Gigant’ and ‘booster’ pumps, is suitable for use in monitoring wells. Both Gigant and booster pumps are small centrifugal pumps with small but powerful motors. This allows them to fit in narrow monitoring wells of 40 millimetres. The Gigant type (12.12.06) is fitted with a bottom filter. The Booster type (12.12.08) is suitable for in-line installation between 10 x 12 or 12 x 16 millimetre tubing. 

The Gigant pump can push water to a height of 10 metres. The booster pumps have the same capacity and can be applied as boosters. By fitting one or more booster pumps directly over a Gigant pump the pressure can be raised to 20, 30 or more metres. The pumps can be used for purging a new sampling filter. Connecting the pumps to the regulator of the peristaltic pump 12 VDC allows for setting a relaxed speed. This allows the pumps to be used also for taking samples, as the regulator can power a maximum of two pumps with a maximum sampling depth of approximately 12 metres.  

The low price of the pumps makes it possible to use them only once. This prevents the risk of cross-contamination. The pumps are made from non-toxic ABS plastic and are fitted with a stainless steel impeller. 


  • Monitoring well installation; can be used in small monitoring wells of 40 millimetres
  • Water quality research
  • Monitoring water quality
  • Anaerobe sampling
  • Water sampling
  • Ground water sampling

Set contains

  • Submersible pumps Gigant (3 pumps)
  • Booster pumps (3 pumps)
  • Roll of extension cable
  • Sealed crimp splices (to make a waterproof cable extension)
  • Roll of polyethylene sampling tube
  • Battery with battery charger
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