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Thetaprobe - Soil Moisture Measuring Standard Set

Thetaprobe - Soil Moisture Measuring Standard Set

SKU: 1426

The Thetaprobe soil moisture measuring set is a very complete standard set for highly accurate, near instantaneous measurement of moisture levels in soils and substrates. The ThetaKit is easy to use.

  • High accuracy: ± 1%
  • Versatile instrument, measures and stores the data 
  • Own soil data allow direct irrigation advice
  • Portable, easy and quick to use
  • Push probe, read and store 



This set has a class leading ± 1% soil moisture accuracy, it is a complete kit with readout unit and case. The ML3 Thetaprobe standard set provides researchers with a portable tool for highly accurate, near instantaneous measurement of moisture levels in soils and substrates. ThetaKits are an excellent choice for turf grass applications.  

Easy to use

Simply switch the connected HH2 Moisture Meter on, insert the probe pins fully into the soil, and press the HH2’s “read” button to display the moisture measurement. Readings can then be stored with a single button press (if required) – and downloaded to PC later. 

The included HH2 readout unit offers impressive functionality in a compact, hand-held unit, designed for field use. Readings are displayed on the LCD and can be stored to memory for later download to a PC. The unit can be operated with one hand, for convenience in the field. Each time-stamped reading includes a unique sample number, a plot identification number (A to Z), and a sensor location number (1 to 255). 

The “HH2Read” Windows PC software provides a data import wizard for direct download into Excel or other PC spreadsheet packages, or into irrigation scheduling programs. Alternatively, data can be downloaded in comma-separated ASCII data file (.CSV) format. Data is transferred to a PC using the RS-232 cable provided with each unit. Please note that most PCs no longer have an RS232 port; for USB connection a USB to RS232 adapter cable is required (see Accessories). 


  • Soil moisture measurement

Set contains

  • ML3 ThetaProbe Soil Moisture Sensor 
  • HH2 Moisture Meter (readout unit) 
  • Replacement sensor rods  
  • Cable and connector (watertight) 
  • Carry case

Please note that the HH2 only reads SDI-12 digital data from the PR2 SDI-12 Probe – it is not a general purpose SDI-12 meter. 

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