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Van Der Horst Core Sampler Set

Van Der Horst Core Sampler Set

SKU: 0414

The Van der Horst core sampler set is used for manually sampling soil cores up to a depth of 7 metres. This set is suitable for many applications, for example above and below groundwater table.

  • Undisturbed sample
  • Larger volume of sample
  • Even less cohesive materials can be sampled



By hammering the sampler into the material (by hammer with nylon heads or slide hammer) the core is filled. When the sample enters the tube, the water or air trapped above the sample can escape through a non-return valve. The sample can be retrieved by using the support and lever beam with rope catcher. This set includes a hydraulic sample extruder, for effortlessly extraction of the sample.

Samples can be taken from bore holes, casing tubes (minimum diameter 75 millimetres) or in the beds of canals, lakes, etc. This sampler set is suitable for hammering. 


  • Sampling above and below groundwater table
  • Sampling for soil technical measurements (compressibility, determination of shear strength)
  • Soil physical measurements
  • Determination of the granular composition
  • Chemical analysis, e.g. through leaching tests using the special connection set
  • Visual impression
  • Soil profile research

Set contains

  • Van der Horst sampler
  • Sample tubes (15 pieces)
  • Sample tubes for sand catcher (3 pieces)
  • Sand catchers (10 pieces)
  • Sample foils
  • Sample tube covers
  • Extension accessories, incl. hammering head
  • Hammer with nylon heads, impact absorbing design
  • Slide hammer 'down the hole'
  • Sampler extraction set
  • Hydraulic sample extraction set
  • Sample gutter
  • Operation, cleaning and maintenance accessories
  • Transport case
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