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Boxed Truck Crawler CPT 180

Boxed Truck Crawler CPT 180.jpg
The Boxed Truck Crawler CPT180 is a ballasted and fully contained truck mounted CPT unit with a deployable set of crawlers, allowing it to test on sites that normal truck mounted units could not reach.
  • Truck with fully functional cabin to perform CPT
  • Rear entry to rig
  • Option to control the crawler by remote control
  • Enough storage in the cabin for tools, parts and clothing
The CPT180 carries forward Royal Eijkelkamp’s next generation design and features from the iconic BC100 crawler into a fully ballasted and roadgoing system.
The Boxed Truck Crawler CPT rig truly offers the best of both worlds. This truck mounted unit is able to drive to your project site without the need for a delivery vehicle; not only reducing mobilisation costs but also allowing for maximum project flexibility.
However, unlike conventional truck mounted units, the CPT180’s deployable crawlers mean that it is able to traverse wet or boggy ground allowing it to test on sites that other trucks simply could not reach.

The fully ballasted rig is able to achieve high production rates thanks to its quick positioning between locations, efficient automatic (check) levelling system and lack of a need to install any anchors. When in position, your operators work from a fully contained and well equipped cabin with an integrated 200 kN pusher, with hydraulic push/pull and catching clamps. 

Power CPT system

Rod racks for CPT rods





24 VDC

36 | 44 mm

56 mm up to 60m

200 kN with 1250 mm stroke

On the door and side of unit - all can be opened

110/230VAD with sockets in interio (2.500W)

Boxed Truck Crawler CPT 180
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