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Augers and Samplers 

Eijkelkamp Fraste UK offers a wide range of durable augers and sampling equipment for soil research. In addition to taking disturbed or undisturbed soil samples, above or below ground water level, our tools can also be used for the installation of monitoring wells.

Field Measuring Equipment 

Accurate measurement data is essential when carrying out fieldwork for soil investigations. Royal Eijkelkamp offers a wide range of high-quality and reliable measuring equipment for field use, designed for field research for environmental, agricultural, civil engineering and rural construction projects.


Lab Testing Equipment 

After taking samples in the field, the real work begins: analysis in the lab. From the preparation and mixing of soil samples to the measurement and testing, we offer a variety of instruments to help you perform your research accurately and effectively. Find the right equipment for your laboratory setup through the menu below.


Our world is getting smarter, and in a smart world measuring and monitoring only makes sense if it’s followed up with relevant actions. To us ‘smart’ means more than just producing a large quantity of data: the data needs to be meaningful, and linked to an action. Eijkelkamp Smart Monitoring can provide all the resources, technology and services needed to produce relevant data for you.

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Royal Eijkelkamp offers pumps for various applications. Whether you want to take a groundwater sample for determination of the chemical composition or want to flush a monitoring well, you will find the right instrument made of approved materials here.

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