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Fraste Multidrill XL 170

XL 170 2.jpg

Complete, dynamic, multitasking and high quality drilling rig, always ready for different purposes: Geotechnical, Soil Investigation, Coring, Geothermal, Ground Consolidation, Micropiles, Water Well. Properly designed to be fitted with the well-known and tested FRASTE – MANIPULATOR automatic drill pipes loading system. MULTIDRILL XL 170: Sturdy, high construction standards, avant-garde hydraulic system and great performances, to confirm the High-Quality production level. Easy maneuverability and maintenance. Safety and perfect functionality are ensured in accordance with European Machinery Directive and all the rules in the field of safety at work and environmental protection.

  • Main Winch
  • Wire line winch
  • Triplex pump
  • Screw pump
  • Foam pump
  • Line lubricator
  • Other optional items are available on demand for a highly customized version of the rig.

Rotary head stroke
Max rotary head torque
Max rotary head speed

129 Kw (173 Hp) TIER 3 - 129,4 Kw (173,5 Hp) TIER 4 F
3500 - 4500 mm (11,5 - 14,7 ft)
12000 daN (26977 lbf)
6800 daN (15287 lbf)
1800 daNm (13276 ft lbf)
1330 rpm
Ø 60-350 mm (2,3"-13,8")
~ 12000 Kg (~ 26455 lb)

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