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Compact Roto Sonic XL 170 MAX


The CompactRotoSonic XL MAX (CRS XL MAX) is a powerful drilling rig that can be used in various working conditions. The machine is easy to maneuver, making it suitable for use in confined spaces. A separate swivel allows liquid, foam or air assisted drilling. The XL Max allows you to use SPT as well.

  • Compact but powerfull

  • Separate swivel

  • Rod manipulator on side of the rig

  • Possibility for several pump options

  • Tooling diameter between 38-203 millimetre

The CompactRotoSonic XL170 MAX (CRS XL170 MAX) is not only powerful but also multi-purpose. The easy-to-use drill is simple to handle, making it perfect for use in smaller spaces. This sonic drill is supplied with a drill rod manipulator. Our CRS XL170 MAX is extremely strong thanks to the true 150 Hz frequency that the machine provides.
The drilling rig can be used in many ways. It can be used for Mineral sampling, Environmental exploration, Geotechnical sampling and testing, Geo-constructional drilling and Seismic drilling, but we also offer customised solutions. The drilling rig has an output power of 150 kN/33,8K lbf (synchronised) Sonic vibration oscillator. Our CRS XL170 MAX offers maximum power applicable in small spaces, because of the great manoeuvrability. For all specifications, please download the specifications sheet.
Available options
  • SPT auto drop hammer with blow counter on control panel
  • Casing lifter mounted on break out clamp 200 kN, stroke 300 mm / 45,000 lbs, stroke 12”
  • Pneumatic separators among different rod layers
  • Mud pump triplex piston 200 liter @ 70 bar / 53 gallon @ 1015 psi
  • SPX40 hose pump 114 l/min @9.6 bar / 30 gpm @140 psi
  • Steel tracks
  • Triple floatable clamp
  • ManipAll 250 (magnetic rod loading arm)
  • Safety cage
  • Slewable, extendable jibboom

Maximum frequency
Sonic vibration oscillator output force
Rotation torque clockwise
Rotation torque counter clockwise
Pull up force in combination with sonic
Pull down force in combination with sonic
Pull up force static
Pull down force static
Work Lights

0 - 150 Hz
150 kN
2.650 Nm @ 185 bar
3.000 Nm @ 210 bar
50 kN
50 kN
100 kN
55 kN
4 x

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