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CTD Diver

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The CTD-Diver autonomously measures conductivity, pressure and temperature and records them in its internal memory. It's a corrosion-proof multiparameter groundwater data logger, suitable for long-term monitoring of saline environments. Available in various measuring ranges: 10 m, 50 m, 100 m, 200 m.

  • 144,000 records to monitor water level, conductivity and temperature

  • Innovative, corrosion-proof, ceramic housing technology

  • Easy to install, fits in most wells

  • Cost-efficient solution for long-term and frequent measuring

  • Reliable and accurate data

  • 30-point pressure factory calibration

Where there is a need to monitor groundwater levels and salt water intrusion, injected wastewater, or contamination from chemical discharges and landfill sites, the CTD-Diver with its 22 mm diameter rugged corrosion-proof ceramic (zirconium-oxide) housing is the instrument of choice.

The CTD-Diver is a submersible datalogger for long-term, uninterrupted, real-time water level monitoring using a pressure sensor when submerged at a fixed level under the water surface. The pressure sensor measures the equivalent hydrostatic pressure of the water above the sensor diaphragm to calculate the total water depth. The ceramic casing is suitable for brackish or saltwater applications as well as aggressive environments. 

Connect the diver to a modem to transmit collected data directly from the field to your data centre.


The CTD-Diver is an ideal choice for ground and surface water level applications. The water logger is equipped with a four-electrode conductivity sensor that measures electrical conductivity from 0 to 120 mS/cm. This type of measuring cell is relatively insensitive to sensor fouling, thus keeping maintenance to a minimum. 

  • Compact size: diameter of 22mm and length of 135mm

  • Memory: 144,000 records of time stamp, pressure, temperature and conductivity (and 144,000 back-up)

  • 30-Point Pressure Factory Calibration

  • Corrosion-proof ceramic pressure sensor

  • Various methods for measurement

  • Event based, averaging and pumping tests sample method to conserve memory

Special software is available for the Divers. Download via WeTransfer

Measuring conductivity

A change in conductivity may be caused by for example changes in water flow, or increasing/decreasing pollution or salinization. The CTD-Diver measures the conductivity of a solution and can be programmed by the user to measure either the true conductivity or the specific conductivity at 25°C.

Available variations

  • Range 10 metre

  • Range 50 metre

  • Range 100 metre

  • Range 200 metre



  • Water quality monitoring for agriculture, remediation, correlate conductivity with salt, TDS, permanganate, nitrate, sulphate

  • Tidal fluctuations monitoring

  • Estuary and wetlands monitoring

  • Leachate monitoring at landfill sites

  • Aquifer storage and recovery

  • Network automation monitoring 

  • Groundwater/surface water monitoring projects 





Material casing

Protection class

Memory capacity

Sampling rate

Battery life

Conductivity range

22 mm | 0.86 in

95 g

135 mm, including suspension eye

Zirconia (ZrO2)

IP68: 10 years continuously submerged in water at 100m

144,000 measurements

1 sec to 99 hours

8-10 years, depending on use

Up to 120 mS/cm

CTD Diver
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