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Fraste Multidrill SL

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FRASTE MULTIDRILL SL: Innovation, Hi-Tech and Freshness. Pocket-sized: only 780 mm width and 2,5 ton weight, the standard version of the Multidrill SL features all high qualities of a large drilling rig! Updated and manufactured according to the strictest quality and safety standards, it will surprise you with its high reliability and productivity. Versatile: the modular mast and a great fitting availability to choose from, make the Multidrill SL perfect for different applications: soil investigation, environmental monitoring and small-size water wells. A great small drilling rig to make it stick!
  • Main Winch
  • Quadruplex pump
  • Hydraulic SPT device
Other optional items are available on demand for a highly customized version of the rig.

Rotary head stroke
Max rotary head torque
Max rotary head speed

36,4 Kw (48,8 Hp) TIER 4 I - TIER 4 F
1800 - 2300 - 2800 mm (5,9 - 7,6 - 9,2 ft)
2500 daN (5620 lbf)
2500 daN (5620 lbf)
485 daNm (3577 ft lbf)
1000 rpm
Ø 40-205 mm (1,6"-8")
~ 2500 Kg (~ 5511 lb)

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