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Boxed Crawler CPT 100

Boxed Crawler CPT 100.jpg
The Boxed Crawler CPT100 series is a ballasted and fully contained crawler mounted unit for CPT testing, whatever the ground conditions. This next-generation unit represents a complete redesign of the CPT crawler system.
  • Crawlers allow you to traverse adverse ground
  • Rail track ready
  • 4 levelling jacks
  • Different power options available
  • Can be ballasted for upto 130 kN pushing force
Using Royal Eijkelkamp's diverse rig building experience, the Boxed Crawler CPT100 is designed to provide optimal production, ergonomic operation, low running costs and has several stand out features such as being rail track ready.
Meet the latest in CPT technology: the Boxed Crawler

Since its inception in the 1930’s CPT technology has come a long way, constantly evolving through the years; from taking readings by hand on a paper record to digital CPT systems with interchangeable add-on modules. However the look of CPT crawler rigs has remained largely unchanged since their introduction to the market.

The Royal Eijkelkamp Boxed Crawler CPT100 unit is the culmination of the latest advancements in CPT technology; completely redesigning the CPT crawler rig from the ground up. Not only does the CPT100 boast a unique design, but it is full of the latest features and advancements that make it the most future proof CPT rig yet.

Built-in and custom features
The Boxed Crawler CPT100 unit is designed according to the latest technical standards. To comply with different emission regulations applicable worldwide it is powered by a Stage V, Tier 4F diesel engine. However, other engine options are also available, such as a CNG engine, a Hybrid engine (electric combined with diesel or CNG) and a Hydrogen engine.
The CPT100 stands out thanks to features like being rail track ready, with mounting built in for the optional deployable rail wheels, as well as being compatible with Royal Eijkelkamp’s revolutionary SonicCPT system. As part of the Royal Eijkelkamp fleet the Boxed Crawler CPT100 also benefits from our advanced monitoring system.
All functions of the Boxed Crawler CPT100 are operated from a PLC touch screen with a manual override for several functions, while driving and levelling can be performed using a remote control system. The hydraulic system is load sense controlled and designed for minimal power requirements.

With the Boxed Crawler CPT100 high production rates can be achieved with the integrated CPT pusher, all in a comfortable, heated and air-conditioned, working space.

Dimension (LxWxH)

Weight (without rods)

CPT stroke

Pushing force

Uplift force

4.3000 x 2.000 x2.800 mm | 169 x 79 x 110 in

12.000 kg | 26,455 lbs

1.250 mm | 49 in

130 kN | 13 tf (long)

250 kN | 25tf (long)

Boxed Crawler CPT 100
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