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TD Diver Water Level Logger.png

TD Diver

- Suitable for long-term groundwater monitoring 
- 72,000 time stamp records with back-up
- Continuous and fixed length memory 

Cera Diver

- Measures water levels and temperatures in corrosive conditions 
- 48,000 records of time-stamp, pressure, and temperature
- Easy installation in almost every well 

Cera Diver Water Level Logger.png
CTD Diver Water Level Logger.png

CTD Diver

- Monitor electrical conductivity, water levels, and temperature
- 144,000 timestamp records with back-up
- Suitbale for long-term measuring

Micro Diver

- Its small size fits 3/4 inch monitoring wells 
- Suitable for frequent and long-term measuring
= Reliable and accurate data 

Micro Diver Water Level Logger.png
Baro Diver.png

Baro Diver

- Accurately captures changes in atmospheric pressure 
- Low maintenance, no user calibration 
- Reliable and accurate data

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