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Compact Crawler CPT 200

Compact Crawler CPT 200.jpg
Our Compact Crawlers are designed to ensure access to even the most restricted and difficult to reach sites whilst being easy to transport and operate.
  • Small but powerful
  • Easy to operate
  • Detachable CPT pusher
  • Easy to transport
  • Perfect for narrow access and low headroom jobsites
Despite its small size the Compact Crawler CPT200 is a highly effective CPT rig that allows you to conduct CPTs at even the hardest to reach locations. The purpose built narrow frame allows access through tight spaces such as doors and between buildings and the reduced stroke CPT pusher even allows you to conduct CPTs in low headroom environments.
Due to its compact size the crawler can be delivered to site in a standard van, or even a very small trailer, making it perfect for use in urban areas and even reducing mobilisation costs. Once delivered to site this stand alone unit can be driven between testing points under its own power.

Reaction force necessary for the CPT is generated by installing four ground anchors which are screwed into the ground with the rotary head mounted on the crawler.
Detachable pusher

For conducting CPTs in spaces where even the Compact Crawler cannot reach, or confined areas where noise and exhaust gas are problematic, the pusher can be detached from the crawler and anchored in place using a ground or wall frame. The CPT can then be conducted with the hydraulic power being provided by the crawler or a separate power pack. The detachable pusher makes the Compact Crawler CPT200 an incredibly versatile and adaptable unit.

Dimension (LxWxH)

Weight (without rods)

CPT stroke

Pushing force

Pulling force

2,620 x 790 x 2,030 mm | 103 x 33 x 91/118 in

1,360 kg | 3,000 lbs

550/1050 mm | 22/41 in

200 kN | 20 tf (long)

320 kN | 32 tf (long)

Compact Crawler CPT 200
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